True Flight Borders LogoIs a swinging affair and a testament to the ensemble’s virtuosity, versatility, and ability to create music that appeals to a wide audience.

Modeled after the standard big-band format, the ensemble draws inspiration from the orchestras of Tito Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez and Mario Bauza but the vast majority of the repertoire is original compositions and arrangements, composed by Rendon, Rick Faulkner, and Joe Mannozzi. Tunes that, musically speaking, run the gamut – from straight-ahead New York Mambo to danceable Latin-Jazz and Brazilian and Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

juarezAlbum Notes:

Genre: Latin: Latin Jazz
Release Date: 1993

The Armando Rodriguez / Victor Rendon Latin Jazz Orchestra is a powerful horn band backed by a driving Latin percussion section. The music is a blend of Afro-Cuban and American Jazz. It follows the path set forth by such Latin jazz masters as Mario Bauza, Machito, Tito Puente, and Mongo Santamaria.

The arrangements, all written and orchestrated by the co-leaders, offer a variety of rhythms and tempos such the cha cha cha, bolero, songo, danzon, mambo, rumba, and the sacred rhythms of the bata drums.

Originally released in 1993, Juarez is a music that moves the spirit, stirs the soul, and makes the listener want to dance.


" excellent CD....."
Latin Beat Magazine

"...this excellent group has established its credentials as one of the best new bands in the exploding Hispanic jazz field".
Hispanic Magazine

"...4 Stars..."
Downbeat Magazine


  • Armando Rodriguez – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Victor Rendon – drums, timbales, gua gua, okonkolo
  • Jim Seeley – trumpet
  • John Walsh – trumpet
  • Peter Brainin – Tenor sax
  • Pablo Calogero – baritone sax
  • Mike Sims – baritone sax
  • Mauricio Smith – flute
  • Arturo O’Farrill – acoustic piano
  • Bernie Minoso – bass
  • Louis Bauzo – congas, quinto, cajon, iya
  • Johnny Almendra – bongos, guiro, clave
  • Greg Askew – itotele, cajon


  • 1. Toque De Bata Para Elegua     Armando Rodriguez & Victor Rendon | 1:26
  • 2. Overnight     Armando Rodriguez & Victor Rendon | 4:49
  • 3. Bernie's Tune     Armando Rodriguez & Victor Rendon | 5:21
  • 4. Here's That Rainy Day     Armando Rodriguez & Victor Rendon | 3:59
  • 5. Se Acabo La Malanga     Armando Rodriguez & Victor Rendon | 7:59
  • 6. Juarez     Armando Rodriguez & Victor Rendon | 6:09
  • 7. Lluvia Azul     Armando Rodriguez & Victor Rendon | 7:10
  • 8. Lindo Yambu     Armando Rodriguez & Victor Rendon | 2:27
  • 9. Nutville     Armando Rodriguez & Victor Rendon | 6:41

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