True Flight Borders LogoIs a swinging affair and a testament to the ensemble’s virtuosity, versatility, and ability to create music that appeals to a wide audience.

Modeled after the standard big-band format, the ensemble draws inspiration from the orchestras of Tito Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez and Mario Bauza but the vast majority of the repertoire is original compositions and arrangements, composed by Rendon, Rick Faulkner, and Joe Mannozzi. Tunes that, musically speaking, run the gamut – from straight-ahead New York Mambo to danceable Latin-Jazz and Brazilian and Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

fiesta-percusivaAlbum Notes

FIESTA PERCUSIVA is a celebration of percussion in a variety of styles from the Caribbean and South America. Led and produced by drummer/percussionist, Victor Rendón, the percussive pieces explore the cultures of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and other Latino influences.


High percussive, mostly Afro-Caribbean, fueled up release that is smoking hot! This salsa-jazz-folkloric project features a ton of percussionists. In addition to Victor Rendón there's Anibal "Tito" Rivera, Louis Bauzo, Tom Mattioli, Henry Brun, Guillermo "Memo" Acevedo, Ruben Rosa, Diego Lopez, Ramon Diaz and many others. Pick this up and enjoy!



Legend tells of a fan who followed Charlie Parker from gig to gig in New York. Whenever his hero got ready to solo, the fan would activate a tape recorder he had set up near the stage. When the solo ended the tape was shut off, even as Dizzy Gillespie took his turn. Maybe there are equally devoted fans out there who would love to savor Latin percussion stripped as far down to the basics as possible, without any horn sections. If so, Fiesta Percusiva was made for you. When the tune is apparent, it’s presented almost as a component o the rhythm instruments: Andrea Brachfeld’s flute on “Afro Blue” sounds like an overtone of her line being doubled on marimba. Other tracks are equally or more bewitching without a single tonal note; on “Juego de Quijadas” caracoles, quijadas (a donkey jawbone), rain sticks, and other percussion evoke the sounds of nature itself, with help from some sampled cricket noises – all of this assuming that nature has a feeling for 6/8. With or without a melody, this stuff is magic.

- Robert L. Doerschuk – Traps Magazine Spring 2009

Editor's Pick:
A wonderful celebration of highly percussive, mostly Afro-Caribbean, rhythmic musical genres — with a bit of South America, too. This folklore-salsa-jazz project features a ton of percussionists. In addition to Victor Rendón there's Anibal "Tito" Rivera, Louis Bauzo, Tom Mattioli, Henry Brun, Guillermo "Memo" Acevedo, Ruben Rosa, Diego Lopez, Ramon Diaz and many others.



Production & Personnel

Preview & Donwload

  • Produced by Victor Rendón
  • Recorded at Skylight Studio
  • Engineer: John Díaz
  • Mastered: Guido Díaz
  • Mixed by: John Díaz, Anibal "Tito" Rivera, & Victor Rendón
  • Cover art: Victor Rendón
  • Photography: Ron LoPinto


Victor Rendón (Tortilla Flat Music/BMI) 

Coro lyrics by Anibal "Tito" Rivera, congas, quinto solo, coro |Victor Rendón: timbales, hand bell | William Paul Rodríguez: piano, coro | Carlos Velazquez: bass

Bomba en Nueva York

(Anibal "Tito" Rivera) Recorded: February 23, 2007

Anibal "Tito" Rivera: voz, coro, güiro | Victor Rendón: cuas | Louis Bauzo: barriles – primo & buleador | William Paul Rodríguez: keyboard, coro | Carlos Velazquez: bass |Pazcual Villaronga: maracas | Tom Mattioli: marimba

Afro Blue

(Mongo Santamaria) re-arranged by Victor Rendón) Used by permission: Recorded: January 11, 2007

Allan Molnar: 1st marimba | Yumi Suehiro: 2nd marimba | Yasuyo Kimura: 3rd marimba, tumbadora, shekere | Andrea Brachfeld: flute | Henry Brun: tumbadora, shekere | Victor Rendón: tumbadora, shekere, bell, okonkolo | Roman Díaz: quinto solo, iyá | Diego Lopez: itotele | Ariel de la Portilla: Bass

Juego de Quijadas

Victor Rendón (Tortilla Flat Music/BMI)

Personnel :
Anibal "Tito" Rivera: percussion effect | Awilda Santiago: caracoles | Victor Rendón: quijadas (donkey jawbone,), vibra slap, temple blocks, wooden agogo, rainstick | Pazcual Villaronga: cricket sound

Fiesta Percusiva

Tribute to Frankie Malabe. Victor Rendón (Tortilla Flat Music/BMI) Rumba lyrics by Anibal "Tito" Rivera) Recorded: August 4th, 2006 

Victor Rendón: timbales, timbalitos, timpani, gua gua | Yasuyo Kimura: tumbadoras/congas
Anibal "Tito" Rivera: voz, clave, shekere, cajón, coro | Guillermo "Memo" Acevedo: drumset
Allan Molnar: tambourine, vibes | Yumi Suehiro: woodblocks, quijada (donkey jawbone), gong
John Díaz: coro

Fiesta Percusiva was inspired by my studies with the late percussionist, Frankie Malabe in the 1980's. As all his former students know, Frankie used to compose conga/percussion patterns in his mind on a weekly basis and then teach them to his students by rote. This composition is an extension of a drum break that he taught me. Traces of that drum break can be heard at the beginning of the piece. I then put it away for almost 20 years until I finally took it out, added more sections, made some changes, and decided to record it.

Soy Chicano

Victor Rendón (Tortilla Flat Music/BMI) Music arrangement by Charles Alletto

Pazcual Villaronga: voz | Anibal "Tito" Rivera: congas, coro | Awilda Santiago: coro | Ruben Rosa: bongos | Joe Manozzi: keyboard | Charles Alletto: guitar | Tom Mattioli: vibes | Carlos Velazquez: bass | Victor Rendón: timbales

As cliché as it may sound, I can say that I have come full circle. This piece is a reflection of my own personal "state of mind" concerning who/what I am, upbringing, musical tastes, and habits. My musical experiences have included many different styles: Afro-Cuban and other Caribbean styles, country & western, jazz, South American, rock and roll, symphonic music, etc. Music is what took me out of the Mexican barrio in Texas leading to a rich and varied musical journey that will never end. However, after all these years, my hair still stands up when I go to San Antonio and hear the trumpets, harp, and violins of a good mariachi group or an accordion playing with a "down home" conjunto, or a huapango played on a snare drum in the sloppiest manner possible (giving it the true authentic feeling). Those are the musical sounds that I first heard as a child and like food, those tastes stay with you for life.

Funky Cumbia

Victor Rendón (Tortilla Flat Music/BMI) Coro lyrics by Anibal "Tito" Rivera Recorded: April 6, 2007

Anibal "Tito" Rivera: coro | Awilda Santiago: coro | Al Acosta: clarinet | Charles Alletto: guitar
Guillermo "Memo" Acevedo: vocal sounds, guache, tambora | Victor Rendón: vocal sounds, llamador, drumset | Pablo Mayor: vocal sounds, piano, organ | Mario Rodríguez: bass

Batá: Orú Seco para Elegua, Ogún, Ochosi

(Traditional) Recorded: February 21, 2007
Roman Díaz: iyá | Diego Lopez: itótele | Victor Rendón: okónkolo 

La Llorona

(traditional, arranged by Victor Rendón) Recorded: May 24th, 2006
Allan Molnar: 1st marimba | Yumi Suehiro: 2nd marimba | Yasuyo Kimura: 3rd marimba
Charles Alletto: guitar | Victor Rendón: drumset | Carlos Velazquez: bass

I first became attracted to this traditional Mexican tune upon seeing the motion picture, "Frida". Later that same year, I made a trip to Robstown, Texas (small town near Corpus Christi) to visit my family. I got up early one day and went to San Antonio where I found the title in a Mexican LP at a record shop specializing in Mexican and Tex-mex music. Since then, I've found several versions featuring the Mexican marimba. I decided to write an arrangement for three marimbas to use as a special feature with the Lehman College Latin Jazz Ensemble where I teach in the Bronx of New York City. The piece had tremendous response and applause from the audience which included people from various nationalities. After the concert, it was decided that we should record the piece rather than just put it away.

In The Pocket

(Pazcual Villaronga) Percussion arranged by Victor, Roman, & Diego) Recorded: February 21, 2007
From the book: "By The Music Inspired" by Pazcual Villaronga.
Pazcual Villaronga: voz |  Roman Díaz: cajón, quinto | Diego Lopez: tres golpe, woodblock
Victor Rendón: guagua, salidor

I chose "In the Pocket" by Pazcual Villaronga as one of the pieces on this CD because it describes the nature of a mature musician who takes his/her time in expressing oneself on the instrument. This is in contrast to where a player "gives it all" in the first few bars creating a blur of notes and little reference to the musical context. Listen closely to this rumba in "estilo guaguanco". We are very much "In the Pocket.

Por La Mañana

Victor Rendón (Tortilla Flat Music/BMI) Coro lyrics by Anibal "Tito" Rivera.
Anibal "Tito" Rivera: congas, coro | Awilda Santiago: coro | Ruben Rosa: bongos | Charles Alletto: guitar | Tom Mattioli: vibes | Allan Molnar: marimba | Carlos Velazquez: bass | Victor Rendón: timbales, bass marimba.

Palmadas Para Aztlán

Victor Rendón (Tortilla Flat Music/BMI) Recorded: April 6, 2007
Hand claps: Guillermo "Memo" Acevedo, Charles Alletto, Al Acosta, Pablo Mayor, John Díaz
tumbadora/conga: Victor Rendón

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