Victor Rendon DirectorThe Latin Percussionist Newsletter

Was first published in the fall of 1994 through 2002. The magazine ran for a total of thirteen issues. It was dedicated to the art of Latin Percussion, particularly in the field of New York salsa, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Caribbean, etc. Every issue consisted of an interview of a major artist followed by an instructional column, book/video/CD reviews.

Some of the writers who contributed to the newsletter were;

  • Victor Rendon, John Santos, Ken Ross, Armando Rodriguez, Trevor Salloum, Greg Askew, Pazcual Villaronga, Louie Bauzo, David Meade, John Almendra, and David Peñalosa, among others.

The mini-magazine was discontinued in the spring of 2002. Here we present portions of each issue as they were originally published.


Victor Rendón

Juanito MarquezJuanito Márquez: Arrímate pá ca

Juanito Márquez was born in Holguin, Cuba and the son of Juan Gómez Márquez, a famous conductor and guitarist. Juanito is a brilliant arranger, composer, producer, and guitarist. He has worked with Orquesta Riverside (Cuba), Orquesta Casablanca (Venezuela), and Caesar Concepción (Puerto Rico) to name a few.

Frank Guerrero Latin PercussionistFrank "Chico" Guerrero

Frank "Chico" Guerrero came up the ranks performing with Carmen Miranda, Xavier Cugat, Joe Loco, Daniel Santos, Stan Kenton, and many others before settling in his native California. An unsung hero...

Monchito Munoz Latin PercussionistMonchito Muñoz

Drummer/timbalero, Ramon Muñoz Rodríguez better known as Monchito goes back to the early 1940's coming to New York to work with his father's orchestra,

Johnny-Almendra Latin PercussionistJohnny Almendra

Covering a career of over 25 years, drummer/percussionist Johnny Almendra has been the anchor for many of New York City's top bands from Típica Ideal ...

David Peñalosa Latin PercussionistQuinto Lock

Rumba is an Afro-Cuban folkloric hybrid, originating from Havana and Matanzas. There are three main styles of rumba..

Miguel Anga Diaz Latin PercussionistAnga Mania!

Cuban born, Miguel "Anga" Diaz, is known as one of the new generation congueros following the path of pioneers such as Tata Güines, Armando Peraza, Candido...

Mike Collazo Latin PercussionistMike Collazo

Timbalero/drummer Mike Collazo is by all standards one of the most respected percussionists in the music industry today. His outstanding career spans over three decades working with major artists such as Eddie Palmieri, Marcelino Guerra, Celia Cruz...

Bill Fitch Latin PercussionistBill Fitch

Legendary Bill Fitch was born on November 27, 1941. He started playing congas with Cal Tjader at age 21 in the early 1960's, a position held by some of the top congueros of the day such as Mongo Santamaria...

CandidoCandido Latin Percussionist

At seventy-three years, Candido Camero is as busy as any musician could hope to be in New York City. I naively thought that it would be no problem to line up an appointment with...

Jose Madera Arranger PercussionistJosé Madera

Arranger/ percussionist, has long been a driving force behind the bands of many artists including the Machito and Tito Puente Orchestras. A top arranger in the Latin field.